What The Web Lender Portal Can Do For You

What The Web Lender Portal Can Do For You

… from the desk of the CEO
David Fisher

Social media is free flowing with offers and schemes of business funding ideas, sources, and options. Frankly, a large percentage of this is fraudulent, not many will tell you the truth for fear of losing you as a client. Rather, they choose to fill your head with what they know are falsehoods purely for their benefit and certainly not for yours.

The issue of honesty isn’t exclusively reserved for the financial services sector. Sadly, dishonesty in business is all too prevalent for reasons beyond this writer’s comprehension. Surely, deceit is not the key to success.

When creating The Web Lender Portal my immediate thoughts were not focused on success, they were focused on creating a company whose heart and soul was emphatically focused on absolute honesty, even at the expense of losing business.

As a child growing up in the industrial English backbone of Manchester, I was fortunate to have been taught a simple basic philosophy which is now incorporated into my business life. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. If you make a mistake, don’t come back and apologize and expect all to be forgiven, you should have known better in the first place. This wasn’t as tough a lesson to learn as you may imagine because if you really give this some thought, it makes perfect sense.

The good thing about truth is that it never changes. In comparison lies are like an avalanche.They start as a miniature rock rolling gently down the hill but rapidly grow to dangerous proportions as a second lie covers up the first and so on and so forth. And because many of the untruths you hear are quite convincing the only way you can really know if you’re hearing the truth is by asking questions that you already know the answers to, having researched both question and answer yourself. Taking this into consideration, and applying it as the core value of The Web Lender Portal, I had the foundation stones on which to build the company.

I can say without hesitation that when you speak with me and all of The Web Lender Portal’s many representatives, you will always hear the truth. You may not like or agree with what we say, but it will always be the truth. We understand the difference between the right way of conducting business and the wrong way, and we will never cross the line, again, even at the risk of losing business and at the risk of damaging our own credible reputation.

As facilitators we sit in an unusual position. Each client is actually two clients, meaning the client seeking funding and the client (funder) providing funding. Each requires its own delicate touch and both require absolute honesty. Honest clients are funded by honest funders.

An example of what I’m talking about occurred last week. A gentleman contacted us seeking funding for his business. We asked a few pertinent questions and based on the answers he provided we concluded, based on our experience, the gentleman was not fundable. Rather than onboard him as a client and having him pay our onboarding service fee, we graciously explained to him that doing so would tantamount to theft. He accepted this and thanked us for our honesty.

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