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Funding Types


There is a vast array of funding types that exist and it is important to understand each when applying for project funding.

Initially, funders and/or investors will want to take a detailed look at your accounts, your current balance sheet and your future forecasts. They will then determine the risk that your project presents, and price the interest rate accordingly. Understanding this will help you.

Project funding types falls into two categories, debt finance and equity finance.

Debt means borrowing money that must be paid back over time, with interest charged on the amount borrowed.

Equity is financing that is provided by the business owner or by investors and may not necessarily have to be repaid, although investors will expect a return on their investment (ROI). The ratio of debt to equity is taken into risk consideration and is referred to as gearing.

The terms highly geared or highly leveraged simply mean that the business has a high proportion of borrowed money compared to the amount of equity in the business.

Funders such as banks and equity investors have different funding / investing requirements and criteria. They assess your ability to repay the amount borrowed plus the interest and applicable fees, before offering funds.

Equity investors are generally looking for solid growth potential and historical profitability. And, they want to see the value of the business growth over time.

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