Business Programs

business programsBusiness programs, or plans of action, are a fundamental requirement of every business.

Business programs are plans of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective, with details on what work is to be done, by whom, when, and what means or resources will be used. Several companies offer business programs but The Web Lender offers business programs focused on achieving successful business funding.

Funder Focused Business Services: Planning, Coaching, and Consulting

When you are seeking finance for your business, many funders require you present a business plan. Business planning has many uses across an organization. Yet, many avoid it because they see it as time-consuming or difficult.

Our expert business coach, Diane Dye Hansen, has more than 20 years of experience in business planning, business coaching, and business consulting. Her background in strategic communication has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs.

business programs

Diane specializes in helping businesses and leaders in transition identify opportunities and take the action necessary to create results.

She has more than 20 years of experience earned in a variety of industries including entertainment, healthcare, consumer products, hospitality, and government.

Diane holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cal State San Bernardino and a Master of Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

She is the creator of Critical Opportunity Theory, a columnist, author, radio show host, and entrepreneur.

Diane Dye Hansen is the Chief Innovation Officer at What Works Coaching, a company that helps organizations in crisis or transition identify opportunity and take action to create results. She is proud to partner with The Web Lender to provide funder focused business plans, coaching, and consulting services to start ups, existing businesses who need capital, or any company that needs funding. Whether you work directly with Diane or a member of her team, you will find a depth of integrity, experience, understanding, and strategy know-how that is hard to find elsewhere. What Works Coaching goes below the surface to set you up for success so you can receive the funding you seek and use it wisely.

Business leaders can sometimes get stuck working the day-to-day operations of the business and forget that working on the business, from a strategic standpoint, as well as working on themselves, from a mindset perspective, is as important as opening the doors every morning. If strategy fails, the business fails. If the leader fails to have the right mindset, opportunity may be left on the table. What Works Coaching is honored to provide clients of The Web Lender with the strategy, plans, tools, and mindsets they need to succeed.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We assess your needs during a complimentary 30 minute consultation. In this consultation, we look at your business challenges and recommend pathways that will set you up for success.
  • We offer a proposal. Nothing is cookie cutter with us. We build a package of services, delivered through The Web Lender partnership, which are specifically funder focused and aligned with your needs.
  • We work with you quickly and efficiently to fulfill your needs. Because everything we do is customized to your needs, you get the business help you need when you need it. There’s no waiting for a certain part of the curriculum or taking an online course. It’s all live, flexible, and highly aligned with your requirements so you get the funder focused help you need.

The Web Lender is the only place What Works Coaching provides funder focused business plans, coaching, and consulting. Take control of your financial and business future. Contact Diane today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Email her to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.


The Web Lender Portal offers funder focused business programs and funder focused business coaching programs.

Diane will work with you to create a succinct, strategic, funder focused business plan that will serve as a presentation document to funders.

Imagine receiving the clarity you need about your business, assisted by an expert coach and consultant with more than 20 years experience starting and growing companies.

Stop worrying about how you are going to create your business plan done and get it started now by selecting one of the business programs below.

Funder Focused Private Business Coaching

Topics to choose from:

– Transforming Business Challenge into Opportunity
– Setting Your Business Up for Success and Future Growth
– Developing an Abundance Mindset in Business
– Conquering Fear in Business
– Spending Capital Wisely
– Increasing your Productivity by 30% (Or More)
– Networking: How to Create Connection Versus Pitch
– Networking: How to Speak About Your Business

business programs







Contact us to purchase this plan for $999

Basic Funder Focused Business Plan


Funder Focused Business Plan
Business Strategy Coaching (1 Hour)

business programs








Contact us to purchase this plan for $1999

Funder Focused Business Plan and Coaching


Funder Focused Business Plan
Executive Summary
Business Strategy Coaching (2 Hours)

business programs








Contact us to purchase this plan for $2499

Funder Focused Executive Business Plan and Coaching


Funder Focused Business Plan
Executive Summary
Business Strategy Coaching (2 Hours)
Business Marketing Consulting (2 Hours)

business programs






Contact us to purchase this plan for $2999

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business programs