Business Transactions

business transactionsBusiness transactions are conducted using rules and and regulations, they are done by the book. Business transactions are an economic event with a third party that is recorded in an organization’s accounting system. Such a transaction must be measurable in money.

Business transactions are activities or events that can be measured in terms of money and which affects the financial position or operations of the business entity. Business transactions have an effect on any of the accounting elements – assets, liabilities, capital, income, and expense.

Rules and regulations are put in place for a reason. Every attempt to circumvent them always leads to failure. Honesty is the only path forward.

One would think that when a corporate client seeks millions to improve or expand their business they would follow through with the process, yet many do not. They apply and then disappear. Then they blame the funder for not funding their project. It’s never the fault of the funder when finance applications are not successfully completed, it’s always the fault of the client.

Circumventing or trying to circumvent the process doesn’t work because investors and funding sources are savvy to every trick in the book. Omission of vital information, whether deliberate or unintentional will always be discovered. Ditto erroneous data. There is no way around the rules and regulations set in place by funding institutions so why bother? When you play by the rules everybody wins, when you don’t everybody loses. It’s as simple as that.

Funding applications are taken seriously by those who have the money to lend and/or invest. They expect the client to behave and act seriously, but many do not and many who appear to be serious are in fact shoppers looking for the best deal. Shopping for business finance is the best way to be declined. Shopping for residential finance is widely accepted as the norm, but corporate financing is a different game played with different rules and different regulations. The strategy of shopping doesn’t work and the more applications and business plans you send out the more you increase your chances of being declined.

In all aspects of life there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. The Web Lender firmly believes and acts in the right, proper, and professional way, ie by the book. Corporate clients seeking business finance need to understand that the importance and value of their business means little to an investor. Due diligence and risk are not about the project, they are about the principals behind the project.

Dreams, ideas, and great stories never get financed. The financing business is always about facts. Those who post articles about startup financing for example are as naive as those reading an advertisement by a car dealership offering a Rolls Royce for $1, but when you arrive at the dealership the Rolls has been sold. In other words, it’s bait, designed to boost your hopes but has no substance. Startup funding, like every other type of funding is based on facts. When a startup is so new that it has no history, there are no facts, and so it’s chances of being funded are astronomically low. You cannot circumvent the process by trying to sell your startup on its potential, doing so is laughable.

Preparation before submitting your application is as important as the application itself. Perhaps the biggest mistake made by clients seeking funding is second guessing the funder. Truth be told, clients have no idea what documents the funder wants until he tells them, so what happens when sending off your business plan prior to being asked for it? It is never read and often deleted. Nobody can read minds and no client can possibly know what documentation a funder needs to process your application until the funder himself tells you.



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